Monday, October 6, 2008


Almost every headline I read I see the signs that the US and other nations around the world are on the brink of a financial meltdown.  As I hear experts weigh in on the crisis, I am not convinced,  that anybody really knows  and understands the intricate framework that makes our financial system.  There are several things at the heart of this 'crisis', I am convinced it is twofold, greed at the hand of the lenders and the unwise pursuit of the 'american dream' by people across the country disregarding fundamental financial principles.  Financial responsibility by many seems to be not important.  Our priorities are so skewed that we don't understand simple principle of 'don't spend more than you make' and we believe the lie that 'that thing' will make us happy, when our hearts are made to be filled with God and Him alone.  What the future holds only God knows, so as we daily look at the workings of our world, understand that our world is not owned by the people that think they own it.  Please be reminded that it is all God's and 'this is our Fathers world' and it will not be saved by  John McCain or Barak Obama.  Peace be with you all!!!