Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Perfect Marriage

No............ I am not talking about my marriage, but I have wondered what the perfect marriage to God would look like. What ingredients are necessary for a marriage that honors God and is a true reflection of Christ. Is it money, great sex, good looks, communication, understanding roles, or the husband fearlessly leading His family to Christ in word and deed??? First let me tell you, that I have not arrived at my destination in the journey, I am still traveling -stopping at different depots (not Home Depot) to rest and reflect on what I have learned from Scripture and others. One thing is true, many times we approach this topic with our minds made up by the way we have been taught on TV, in church and at home as children. Let's together, take an unadulterated look at the subject. I have just finished teaching Ephesians chapter 5 to my Sunday School class and I have grown. I have learned that the same important ingredient is necessary in salvation as well. In this ego-driven, 'my way as the man' mentality, this word breaks through like a ray of light. The word is HUMILITY. Lovingly submitting to each other is the key,(Eph. 5:21) esteeming each other as Philippians 2:3 tells us. My challenge to you is to think more, dig deeper, and see the marriage that God has for you or will have for you. May this spark your journey to bring the picture of 'oneness' which is so needed in this dark world.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Summer to Remember

School is quickly approaching as the summer fades into the background. This summer was truly memorable for me and my family. My sister came to visit in June to watch Brayden while the rest of us traveled to Colorado to visit our good friends Dale and Jonylan Fincher. Our time in Colorado was amazing to say the least, we four wheeled, fished, went to a parade, relaxed, but the most fun was spending time talking with Dale and Jonylan and getting a burden for their Soulation retreat vision. In Colorado, I came to terms (or owned it) with my thinning hair and as I sat like a 4 year old getting his first barber shop haircut my friends and family watched as a lady took a number 3 guide to my head and left most of my hair on the floor. My sister was a true blessing to have the flexibility to come to NH and spend 9 days with her 2 year old nephew. All in all, she came out unscathed. Good sisters are hard to find. We also were able to stay 5 nights in Newport, RI for FREE. A beautiful pool, great beds, breathtaking beach and amazing food left us wanting more. (Ironically, the kids took turns going the fitness center with me and loved that as much as the rest.) Many trips to Boo Boo Lake in between helped the summer hum along between trips. We truly enjoyed the times together and took many pictures to look at when we are old.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chapman Family

My thoughts have been heavy as I contemplate the depth of pain they must be going through.  With their recent public appearances my thoughts drift to that dreaded Wednesday.  The person I can most empathize with is Steven, a father/husband.  Reeling from the death of a child and sifting through the pieces of a shattered mind from the other child.  His strength and humility challenge me.  A song he wrote entitled 'Bring it On' conveys a message of "God whatever you do to drive me closer to You ..... bring it on", much easier said than done.  Seeing him still keeping his focus on the One who gives and takes away, presses on my heart to pray  and yearn for more devotion to Christ.  

Steven and Family on Larry King Live:

The Beginning!

Well, the first time doing almost anything brings apprehension and caution I sit to write, my goal is to share my life and perhaps help you through the journey as well. My valleys, my mountains, my thoughts all displayed for you to observe, question and perhaps relate to. Thank you for taking the time!!