Tuesday, September 16, 2008


My daughter Anna was running at a camp retreat I do for the 8th-12th grade students in our school and she ran into a door.  We went to the ER and she got two cuts on her face glued shut.  During the 15 minute ride to and from the ER my mind was all over the place with, "I hope she doesn't scar." to "This was bad timing."  On the way back she said something to Audra and I that we will never forget.  She said, "I hope people don't laugh at me."  That killed me thinking my little girl is worried about what people think.  The more I thought about her little quote, I was sent back to the thought of value.  What makes Anna, me or you valuable?  The world and church sometimes says your value is in how you dress or look or even how you act.  We wear the best clothes to church hoping to do what??  We dress and primp to go to the mall, to do what??  I heard someone advertise for liposuction on the radio today and she said that she gained confidence when she was liposuctioned.   My challenge to us is to really evaluate what brings value to the essence of you.  It's not your looks or money or your education it is the God loves you no matter what.  When you are at your worst He loves you and at your best He loves you.   Zephaniah 3:17 tells us 'He joys over us with singing".  May you find peace, comfort and contentment in God and not your looks, the stock market or a presidential candidate.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life Change

How quickly life can change.  For many they get up one morning getting ready for a perfectly normal day and a phone call or a visit can change the whole dynamic of the day..... for the better or for the worse.  Over the last several weeks my mind has been challenged, hurt and heavy for a friend.  Mark Rife and I were inseparable in college, he was in my wedding and our paths separated when he moved to Hawaii.  I have spoken with him only a few times since moving there.  On August 25 Mark's wife of 3 1/2 years passed away in her sleep.  I did not know her or ever meet her.  As information about her has been flooded my way over the last several weeks, I have been enamored by her love for God and Mark.  As we daily engage in and with those around us take the opportunity to breath life in, make the tears we cry soften our hearts, and may we laugh like its our last.  Enjoy life and give the moments to God ,  hug our children, spouses, family and friends a little tighter.   Mark....... may God fill your soul with His grace.